How To Buy Perfume Online


The world of perfumery is very much an art – it’s explorative, it’s playful and it’s certainly not something that has boundaries. It’s for all those reasons that the Creed family fell in love with artisan perfumery all those years ago. But how do you choose the right fragrance online when you rely so heavily on your senses in the selection process?.

Buying online certainly comes with its own challenges – Lets face it, there’s nothing worse than investing in a new scent, to discover once you actually start wearing it, it’s not at all how you imagined. But get it right, and you can really reap the benefits of purchasing fragrance online. 

The House of Creed have created a seamless online journey to help guide you through a luxury perfume experience. With exclusive benefits, including free shipping on all orders, online exclusive sample boxes, two complimentary fragrance samples with every order and exclusive Creed luxury packaging to take advantage of, discover our tips on how to make the most of our online services to help you choose the right scent for you.

Sample your fragrance before you purchase

If you’re looking to make a repeat purchase of your favourite fragrance, purchasing online certainly is the most convenient way, but if you are purchasing a fragrance for the very first time, it is always important that you try it before you choose to invest. We would recommend trying the fragrance in a variety of different settings before making sure the fragrance is for you. If you’re out and about, be sure to pop into one of our official retailer stores for a spritz of your potential new scent.

However, if time is not on your side, or you cannot reach a store, there are still plenty of ways that you can sample a Creed fragrance online. Our collection of online exclusive sample sets for Men & Women have been specifically designed to help you discover your next fragrance from the comfort of your home.

With three variations to choose from; our Men’s Classics, Women’s Classics, Universal Sample Sets, each fragrance wardrobe comes complete with a selection of five samples for you to explore. Ideal for discovering a new signature scent for yourself, our Sample Sets also come beautifully encased in a luxurious gift box, making them perfect for gifting to a friend too.

Alternatively, all Creed online orders come with two complimentary samples, hand selected by yourself at the checkout. Be sure to add a matching sample of the fragrance you opted for, which will allow you to try the fragrance before opening the full-sized bottle.

If you are a repeat purchaser of the same fragrance, challenge yourself to try two new fragrances each time you order – you may just discover a new firm favourite along the way.

Get to Know Your Perfume Notes & Fragrance Families

Having an understanding of the fragrance families will really help you gauge which type of fragrance you are naturally drawn to. Whether it’s citrus, floral, fruity, oriental, musky or woody, be mindful that just because you like one perfume that sits in a certain fragrance family, most certainly does not mean that you are drawn to every scent in that family, but it’s a great way to narrow down what pushes your buttons.

Consider if there is a certain ingredient or mix of ingredients that are present in your current perfumes. This might indicate which fragrance family you should look for or which perfumer’s style is right up your street. Similarly, knowing your Eau de Parfums from your Eau de Toilettes will certainly help you decode the typical perfumery terms. Do you prefer a lighter scent that is more subtle in nature and that can be spritzed liberally? Or are you looking for a long-lasting scent you can spray in the morning and know it will carry you through until the end of the day? Discover our guide to understanding the difference between fragrance types here.

Do Your Fragrance Brand Research

Take time to understand what style your potential new fragrance is. Shopping directly on the brand’s website has its advantages that are not to be underestimated. At Creed, there’s a whole wealth of information available on the product pages to help conjure up the spirit of our fragrances. From the breakdown of the notes, to the story behind the scent, the information has been carefully curated to allude to the fragrance you’ll receive.

Our Creed Journal has been designed to answer the industry’s most pressing fragrance questions and provide even further information on the House of Creed’s perfume collections whilst our fragrance finder has been specifically designed to help you pinpoint the right scent for you.

Understanding the perfumer and their values will also give you more sense of the brand and if the perfume house will be for you – Are you looking for a classic or contemporary perfumer? Do you want a convenient, off the peg experience, taking comfort in knowing that each fragrance you purchase will be exactly the same or do you take pleasure in the artisan perfumery experience and use of natural ingredients through traditional methods?

Whatever you are looking for, reading up on the perfumer behind your potential new fragrance will really help manage your expectations of the scent.