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Summer in Style:
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Luxury Travel

Whether the summer promises relaxation by the sun-kissed shores or the cool breeze of a mountain retreat, prepare for your summer in style with our luxury travel accessories that combine elegance, functionality and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure you look and feel your best throughout the summer.

1. Refillable Travel Atomisers

Make summer even more delightful with our luxurious travel atomisers that allows you to indulge in the pleasure of carrying your signature Creed scent with you wherever you may journey. Available in airport security-friendly, 5ml, 10ml and 50ml sizes, our sophisticated leather atomisers feature a built-in glass insert that can be effortlessly removed and refilled as needed, providing a secure and leak-proof way to travel with ease and elegance. Designed to be compatible with our 250ml and 500ml splash bottles, and now more recently your existing spray bottle, this elegant accessory includes a compact metal funnel making it a joy to transfer your signature scent with ease and precision. Elevate your travels with our leather-bound travel atomisers and journey confidently and in style.

2. Travel-Friendly Fragrance Sets

Ensure you always have your signature scent on hand this summer with our exclusive travel and discovery sets, which contain interchangeable 10ml vials of Creed’s most beloved scents for both him and her, allowing you to carry your signature scent in a compact and travel-friendly size. Choose between a refillable 10ml atomiser or miniature 10ml spray bottles to suit your preference and travel needs. In addition, our sample sets offer a unique opportunity to explore more of the House of Creed’s exquisite offerings, complete with five 1.7ml samples for you to spritz on the go or change up depending on your mood or the occasion. Simply slip your chosen fragrance into your handbag or pocket, and ensure you stay fresh and alluring throughout the day and night.